Automation sending many emails


Hoping to get some help - I made 9 different automations from the same file and they each have a different set of triggers. Now, when once automation runs, all automations send me a notification email.



  • swfascetti
    swfascetti ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you looking to have a digest notification rather than an email? You can set your notification preferences in your account profile. Click on your account on the bottom left hand corner of then screen. Then choose notifications.

  • kkhanjani

    Thank you for responding to this.

    Please see the pictures here - I have multiple stores here and each group has a different manager. The automation is that when a request is coming from each store, email an approval request to the said manager. Then when the manager approves that, inform me so I can also approve the request.

    I have 9 automations, each different triggers, each different manager. When one manager approves the request, all 9 automations send me the email for my approval.