Need DATE+TIME Stamp (Calculate cycle times down to hr/min)


I need to track cycle times down to the hour/min and data moves from an OPEN to COMPLETED Tracker when the item is resolved. I locked in the system generated Create Date with two helper columns to preserve the create date as a date field whenever the rows are moved or copied.

CD Column 1: Date Created = system generated field

CD Column 2 HELPER1: "Retained Create Date HELPER1" Locks in create date when row moves to COMPLETED Tracker. Formula: =[Date Created (Pacific Time)]@row + ""

CD Column 3 HELPER2: "Convert Back to Date Time HELPER2" Used to convert the locked in Create Date (HELPER1) back to a DATE field. HELPER2 must be used for all metrics using create date in the formula. Formula: =[Retained Create Date (Pacific Time) HELPER1]@row

How do I get to the DATE+TIME stamp when an item is resolved/completed? The modified system date will not work because the field constantly changes when the row changes and I am not aware of a way to lock in the modified date when only a certain field changes. I know about the automation, but it only adds a date—no TIME. Any ideas??????

For goodness sakes…when is Smartsheet going to add a quick and easy method for capturing a date+time stamp in order to develop meaningful cycle time metrics????


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