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Allow option for shortcut Widgets to open link in same tab or new tab


I have a very long dashboard and have been playing with ideas to make it more manageable. One option I would appreciate is to be able to anchor to specific parts of the dashboard so the viewer can access the topics that are of interest to them.

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  • Erin Horiuchi Green
    Erin Horiuchi Green ✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/07/24

    @Anonymous2023 Have you tried creating a WorkApp with different Dashboard "Derivatives" assigned to targeted Roles?

    For instance, I have a "Main" Dashboard where I have created different "Derivatives". Each "Derivative" Dashboard is pulled into a singular WorkApp where I defined specific Roles to specific End Users so that they only see their dedicated Dashboard.

    Since the "Main" and "Derivative" Dashboards point to a core selection of underlying Smartsheets, then the out-of-the-box Automation Workflows and regularly run API Python scripts maintain near real time data integrity.

  • Anonymous2023

    @Erin Horiuchi Green would this work for people without a Smartsheet account? This is intended to showcase our data to the general public, not for internal use.

  • Erin Horiuchi Green

    @Anonymous2023 I am going to run a test on my WorkApp now. If this does not work, then you are stuck with storing the Dashboard in a Workspace that has been setup for External Use.

  • Erin Horiuchi Green

    @Anonymous2023 I was able to successfully add an External Email to the WorkApp Role.

    What was scary is that I did not have to assign the External Email to the underly Smartsheet. Something to consider from a Data Privacy and Protection perspective. Hopefully, you have an internal IT architecture form that you fill out and IT signs of on security compliance so that you are not stuck with any mislaignments.

    I always ensure I peanut butter spread the accountability across all my business partners.