Copying sheet rows to another- where it copies, work around so its not the bottom??


Hi! We are a smaller company that uses smart sheets with internal sheet as source of truth and then an external sheet that is meant for our external collabs to fill in. We are trying to error proof as much as possible because our techs run testing scenarios that require external contractors to solve.

So we create an issues log and then pass it to the contractors to fix, and / or the primary stakeholder to defer within their acceptable brinks.

The solution we are attempting is for our techs to build an issues log on our internal doc and as they add new issues, it triggers a copy to our external sheet.

The automation works but places the info at the bottom of the sheet- this is problematic as it one has to look for the info, and then cut it and re- paste it to the top, after the last one.

We have done a work around that is cell linking, but its not the ideal scenario.

Does anyone know if there is a formula etc that can be built such that the new rows are copied directly under the previous one?

Thanks so much for any help !

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    You can't have it copy to the top of the sheet, but if you use an auto-number column in the second sheet, you can create a row report pulling from this second sheet and sort it by the auto-number column in descending order. Sheet's can't auto-sort, but reports can. Working from the report will give the appearance of the newest rows being added to the top.