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Change the default setting when sharing a sheet or report to "Editor Cannot Share"


The default setting should be changed to "Editor Cannot Share" for sharing sheets and reports. It is a security issue to have the current setting default to "Editor Can Share". We have to spend too much time training users in the difference between the two permissions and why it is important that we grant "Editor Can Share" only when appropriate and needed.

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  • Erin Horiuchi Green

    @Karen Richers My company has identified Smartsheet POCs for each team. Does your company have the capacity to assign functional roles as Smartsheet Developers and Designers?

    We are building Smartsheet Developers that monitor and adjust Smartsheet asset access and continuity. I recommend a Form to request asset access change requests. Python scripts can automate the asset access change requests.

    We are building Smartsheet Designers to build templated Smartsheet assets (e.g., Smartsheets, Forms, Reports, Dashboards, WorkApps) to the Stakeholders vision by lens.

  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭

    To add on, I wonder if this is actually an idea to be expanded for use in Admin Center, as maybe a tenant-wide default setting, as this function certainly is a security concern for some organizations, but others may prefer it in different states. Thus, allowing System Admins to choose what the default share behavior is might be a great enhancement.

  • Monique Odom-Stearn
    Monique Odom-Stearn ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree with @eliweitz - this is something that should be specified in the Admin Center for each account, and not necessarily a Smartsheet-wide default setting.

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