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I have a report that pulls several columns from several sheets. These reports show the comments added to the rows. However, when I create a dashboard that displays that report it doesnt show the row comments made. Is there a way to show row comments on the dashboard that are on the sheets and report.



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    Hey @Myles Armstrong

    Unfortunately, you cannot display the comments in a report widget directly on the dashboard. You have some options though:

    1. Add a latest comment column to your source Sheet(s) and then add it to your report. This will show you, as the name implies, the last comment made in each row. More info here.
    2. Configure the report widget to open in a new window when clicked. Once in full view you can open the comments.
    3. Use an embedded Dynamic View (premium add on) which can allow you to view comments on the dashboard.

    If you truly want to see every comment directly on the dashboard and don't have/want to use Dynamic View I think the only way this could really be done reasonably elegantly is to use the latest comment column detailed in step 1 and pair it with an automation to copy rows to another Sheet whenever the comment is updated. This would act as a repository of all your columns. You could then either pull those comments into your source Sheet(s) with lookup formulas OR build a report off of the repository. It would take some creativity based on your Sheet structure and number of comments/ length of comments, but something like a grouped report with the comments nested under might work.

    Hope this helps!

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