Report is pulling identical columns

Abby Stanek
edited 06/12/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I am creating a report that is pulling from 30 sheets. The sheets all have a "Project Manager" column, and 1 of the 30 sheets is pulling the "Project Manager" column as a separate column than the others. The columns appear to be identical on the 29 sheets vs 1 sheet.

How can I have the columns populate the project manager column as the same?



  • Cory Page
    Cory Page ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just curious if you used the column "Sheet Name" in the report to 100% verify the two above screenshots? I am sure you did but as far as I can see the two examples above should merge in the reports.

    I have had issues in the past where I had a column formatted as drop down then I converted it to contacts and after this change it had a hard time merging in reports. If you confirmed the sheet name is correct I would try creating a new column in the one broken sheet, copy / paste all the details from the broken column into that new column to rule this out just in case.

    Hope that helps.