Automation is repeating the subject line 3 times


I've set up an automation to go to the contacts listed in contact column. One contact is a cell phone number with SMS gateway code so that it can go as a text.

It works great, other than it repeats the subject line I enter in the automation three times before inserting the body of the message. For example my subject line in the automation is "Please complete". When I receive the automation its showing up as:

"(Please complete) Please complete Please complete"

Then the body

The automation is an Alert, Sent to Contacts in a cell with my contact column selected with a custom subject and body with it including the message only, no links to the sheet or fields.

Can anyone provide guidance on how to get it to stop repeating the subject line 3 times? I've tried just using a space, then it just displays "(no subject)". I've tried using a * but that displays as (*) * *.

Any help would be appreciated!