Can forms return the label and help text in email to person entering the form?


I have a created a desk assessment and in the form provided some assistance options to better the evaluation. Example … Question is longer than the column header so I've put it in the Label as this … Is the Keyboard separate from the screen? Response options are Yes / No / N/A, but in the Help text - I've added Further Advice (if response is no) - Contact your line manager to provide a separate keyboard.

Hopefully my explanation is clear, but feel free to ask more details.

TYA for any assistance.



  • Paul McGuinness
    Paul McGuinness ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Tammy Luther

    Yes they can but not directly, you will need to approach this from a slightly different direction.

    If you treat the help text as a standalone field within the Smartsheet you can use a formula to create a response based on the question response and deliver detailed information using a automated alert

    Here's the detail in the sheet and the response I crafted.

    and the formula I used

    =UNICHAR(10071) + " Contact your line manager to provide a separate keyboard."

    I use UNICHAR as its impactful when it appears in the automation email alert, below is a snip from a received automation based on your criteria

    You can make the response as detailed or provide as much information as required based on the responses received

    The above is based on this automation

    Unless you have need to include the fields directly I normally opt for message only alerts whenever I can as they provide a far cleaner response to the user that you can tailor based on their responses.

    Hope that helps

    Thanks Paul