Date Based Workflow Notifications


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I need to create a workflow for a simple alert notification based off an employee's hire date. There is a column with the date for each employee listed. I need the alert to be triggered at the 85 day mark. I know there are pre-set time frames (60 days after, 90 days after etc),but was wondering if there is a work-around or another option to be able to do 85 days.

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  • Kerry St. Thomas
    Kerry St. Thomas ✭✭✭✭✭

    For setups like this, I use two helper columns. One is type Checkbox (call it Notification needed) - I add a column formula that would be along the lines of =IF(NETDAYS([Hire Date], TODAY())>85,1,0) to check the box - and a second that's type Date (call it Notification Date). Then I add an automation that triggers every day (or every weekday if you prefer), Condition = Notification Needed IS CHECKED and Date of Notification IS BLANK, Action = your email and then after that email, Record A Date to the Notification Date column. This way, you have a record of when things went out - in the event you need to send a second notification at 90 days or whatever if they don't do specific things and/or if you need to say "On X Date, we sent you a notification but haven't heard back" or something like that.

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