Meeting Scheduling Management Templates?


Hi Everyone! I hope you're well. I've looked through a gazillion topics and postings and not quite finding what I'm looking for. I'm hoping you can help me with either a template or suggestions (the former is preferred). Basically what I'm needing is a way to track meeting scheduling (not project-related) for scheduling everyday high level administrator meetings. I'll need to create a form with info requested: topic of meeting, duration requested, assignee, scheduling status, updates to requestor, attendees and any other useful details. What I would do is create a form, share the form link to the people (colleagues who we manage calendars for) requesting a meeting to be scheduled and all they have to do is type in what we need to schedule meetings, we get pinged a notification of a meeting request (depending on who is assigned this) and when the meeting is scheduled, the requestor gets pinged a notification that informs them every time the status is updated. Does such a template/form exist and would anyone be willing to share that with me? Thanks in advance for your help and if you need any clarification, please let me know!