Requriements management in Smartsheet


Smartsheet has a lot of functionality that resembles Valispace, Vissure and DOORS. The only part that is really missing to use it as a basic requriements management tool is means of linking one cell ( or prefferably a full row) to more than one cell/row. E.g. if one has a requirement from which one would like to device two requiremnts, one for each susbsystem, I haven't found a way to connect that single row to two (or more) rows in other sheets without adding individual columns for each of the sub-systems. Adding those extra rows would break the idea of similarity between sheet structure and the ability to roll-up information across all sheets. Tips on how to achieve this and how to e.g. have a report that can report on link-trees is much appraciated.


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you able to provide some screenshots of manual mock-ups that show what you are wanting to accomplish?

  • Cgrinde
    Cgrinde ✭✭✭

    Each node is a sheet with requirements. One requirement in one row may derive into three sub-requirements, one in each of the sub or subs-sub-systems. The overall structure starts from the top, so a solution must be able to link out from multiple cells/row into one and once cell/row must be able from a single cell/row to multiple cells/rows in other sheets.
    And one would need a report or tree-structure ( possible to do via API as well) that illustrates the connectivity. So if a derived requirement is fulfilled at the bottom level, one can see that the requirement from it was derived some levels up, is also fulfilled.
    Makes sense?