Is it possible to set up a data shuttle from a sheet summary?



I have sheet summary formulas that collect various metrics on my data. The sheet / sheet summary is updated every time we attach a file to it (which is at least once every business day).

I would like to capture the sheet summary metrics at a specific time interval - maybe once per week - and add them to a new row on another sheet so I can keep track of the changing numbers through time.

I can see how this could work via a data shuttle from the sheet summary. But this doesn't look like a current functionality.

What other options do I have to make this happen?

Thank you!


  • Kerry St. Thomas
    Kerry St. Thomas ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't see any way to use Shuttle with a Sheet Summary. Here's a workaround though - this won't need you to trigger Shuttle; you can do it with core suite. It's not necessary elegant, but it can get the job done:

    —CREATE a separate sheet. Have that sheet consist of one row, and make it essentially a KPI sheet that is a cross-sheet reference to your underlying sheet, that effectively does the same calculations as the Summary. This sheet SHOULD NOT include a column of type "Created Date".

    —CREATE your archive sheet. Have all columns on your KPI sheet above, and ALSO include a column of type "Created Date".

    —CREATE a COPY ROW automation on your KPI sheet. Change the trigger to "When a Date is Reached" and choose "Custom" to create your chosen cadence (weekly?) to COPY the row to your archive sheet.

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