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Hey guys!

I have a fun scenario and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

I am a Mortgage Processor, and we have to track and obtain a lot of documentation for each individual loan. We currently have a Word Doc template that we use as a Checklist of sorts when we are reviewing each file, and we use it to track any documents that may be needed throughout the process. I'm attaching an example here.

As of now, my team is uploading this sheet to a Google Drive, and we then Hyperlink it to a main pipeline for easy access. I'd love to integrate a template similar to this into Smartsheets, so everything can just be completed in one platform.

I've done a few deep dives into the forum, youtube, etc, and I can't find answers to specific things, so I'm not sure if some of the things I'm looking to do are even possible. I don't expect this Smartsheets template to look exactly like the one we use, so long as it's user friendly and doesn't take a ton of time to update, I'm happy!

A few of the things I'm trying to figure out are below - any input is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

  1. A lot of the data I'd like on the checklist is already listed on our main Pipeline - things like the borrower's name, state, property type, etc. Ideally those would populate onto the checklist automatically. Is it possible to select the Borrower's name, and have it auto populate specific data?
  2. We have different checklists for different loan types as each require slightly different documents. Ideally this Checklist would have a dropdown for each loan type, and the documentation requirements will populate based off of the selection, that way we don't have to create a bunch of different templates or have to weed through a bunch of requirements that aren't needed.
  3. As each loan progresses, we update the "Status Column" to whatever current stage the loan is in. There are certain things that need to happen within each "status", so similar to the above, this would populate any "status specific" requirements.

Thanks in advance!


  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A. Employee

     Hello @TinkoLP !

    For auto-populating data based on selections like the borrower's name, you can set up dropdown lists and use the IF function to automatically fill in information in certain cells or columns according to the value selected.

    For different loan types with varying documentation requirements, you can use conditional logic with dropdown menus to dynamically adjust the checklist. The IF function can help display the relevant items based on the loan type selected.

    Regarding status-specific requirements, you can also use the IF function and automated workflows to update and display status-specific tasks as the loan progresses.


    To better assist you, could you provide more details on the specific actions and conditions you need inside the sheet? For example:

    • What specific data should populate when selecting a borrower's name?
    • What are the different loan types and their corresponding documentation requirements?
    • What should happen when the status changes, and what are the options available in your dropdowns?

    Understanding these details will help us tailor a more precise solution for your needs. Also, you might want to explore Smartsheet’s existing templates to see if any of them can be adapted to your requirements.

    Check the following help articles for more info on these topics:

    Looking forward to your response!

    Best regards,


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