Can I create an automaton where the generated document is automatically sent?


I want to be able to generate a certificate that serves as proof of attendance that automatically goes out to the participant's email once I update their status.  Is that possible?


  • SafalARYAL


    Yes, I have done something similar with the generate document functionality.

    To do this you have to set an automation as below:

    1. Create an automation to generate a document when a field changes. You will need to map the document with the sheet fields. Once the document is mapped, every time you change the field it would create a new version of the document and save it to the sheet row.
    2. Create an automation to send an email to a cell value(target email) when a document is added to the row. You can change the email template from automation to only send changes to specific fields or only send new attachment.

    Hope that helps.

  • sdclark

    I think this will - thank you!