Can I automate a text message from a phone number that is put into a sheet?


I would like to use a form to receive customer information such as a phone number. Once the customer submits the form I would basically like a sort of timer to start which will automate a text message such as "Thanks for coming", or "Your time is almost up". Is this sort of text response possible with some sort of add on? I've looked it Zapier, would that be able to do something like this?



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    Hello @Ty Werven,

    SMS automation is not a native Smartsheet feature. In this scenario the answer is always look into the API to see if it's possible within Smartsheet or with another application (note: Zapier uses the API, so same concept).

    I have heard of this being done but admittedly have not done it myself. Zapier may be capable based on this page.

    Searching "sms smartsheet integration" on Google yields a number of potential options (note I have not validated these myself, just ideas)

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  • Celvin Klassen

    Yes, you can automate text messages based on phone numbers in a sheet with a timer trigger using a service like Zapier. Here's how it can work:

    The Setup:

    1. Form and Sheet: Create a Google Form to collect customer information, including a phone number field. Ensure this form connects to a Google Sheet where the data is stored.
    2. Zapier Integration: In Zapier, create a new Zap with the trigger being "New Form Submission" from your Google Form. This will activate the Zap whenever someone submits the form.
    3. Action: In the action step of your Zap, choose a service that allows sending SMS messages. Here are some options:
      • Twilio: A popular SMS service provider with a free plan for low-volume usage. You'll need a Twilio account to connect it to Zapier.
      • TextSpot: Another SMS service with automation capabilities.
      • Sheet SMS (Add-on): This add-on works directly within Google Sheets. You can use formulas within the sheet to send SMS based on specific criteria.
    4. Timer and Text Message: Within the action settings of your chosen service (Twilio, TextSpot, etc.), configure the message content (e.g., "Thanks for coming") and the phone number field from your Google Sheet that holds the recipient's number.
    5. Schedule Delay (Optional): Most SMS services allow setting a delay for sending the message. This allows you to create a timer-like functionality. In Zapier, you can utilize a "Delay" action before the SMS action to introduce a wait time between the form submission and the text message.

    Example with Zapier and Twilio:

    1. Trigger: New Form Submission (Google Form)
    2. Action: Send SMS (Twilio)
      • Message: "Thanks for coming!"
      • Phone number: (pulls from phone number field in Google Sheet)
    3. (Optional) Action: Delay (set your desired wait time)

    Additional Notes:

    • Free Plans: Remember that some SMS services have free plans with limited messages. Check the service's pricing for your expected usage.
    • Testing: Test your Zap thoroughly before deploying it live to ensure messages are sent correctly and with the desired timing.

    By utilizing a form, Google Sheet, and a service like Zapier with an SMS provider, you can automate text messages based on phone numbers in your sheet and introduce a timer delay to mimic a scheduled message.



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    I hope you're well and safe!

    Yes, as mentioned, you can use Zapier with Twillio, which I use in my client solutions. One thing that has changed, especially for the US, is the admin work you must do to get Twilio working because of the spam issues.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe, and have a fantastic day!


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