Auto Generate a Number based on Column not being blank.



I am trying to get an auto generated number in Auto Number column. I cannot use auto number given that i have conditions to it. I want my Autonumber column to have a formula where it will create a sequential number based on the Hold Issuance date not being blank. I only want it to autonumber if the hold issuance date has a date in it.

=IF(ISDATE([Hold Issuance Date]@row), COUNTIFS([Hold Issuance Date]1:[Hold Issuance Date]@row, "<>"), "")

I used this formula and it works but i cannot make it a column formula due to the 1 being in it. Is there a formula i can use in the sheet summary that i can reference instead?



  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @tchav,

    I wold suggest solving this by:

    • Making new Sheet with an Auto (Number) column in your desired format.
    • Setting up a Copy Row Automation to copy rows in your existing Sheet to this new Sheet whenever Hold Issuance Date is populated with a Date.
    • Create a lookup formula in your existing Sheet that pulls in the Auto (Number) from your new Sheet (you will need some unique identifier to query against).

    Hope this helps!

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