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Hi there!
I'm trying to generate a health symbol for a column in my sheet and have created the below. I've indicated that the row is a "symbol row" and have successfully gotten my formula to deliver the the words "Gray" "Green" "Yellow" "Red" but it's not populating the symbol. Any help here? Is it a formatting thing or an issue with my formula?

=IF([Actual Start Date]@row > [Target Start Date]@row, "yellow", IF([Actual Start Date]@row <= [Target Start Date]@row, "green", IF([Actual Start Date]@row > [Target End Date]@row, "red", "")))



  • MarceHolzhauzen
    MarceHolzhauzen ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @elle.barks

    Assuming that you have made your column type, "Symbols", you need to make sure that the colors you have chosen and selected in your dropdown

    Then, make sure your spell the colours the same why that they are in the list - based on your formula, all that seems to be hindering you is the spelling. You need to capitalised the words (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue / Grey)

    Hope this helps!

    Marcé Holzhauzen
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  • elle.barks

    That capitalization really got me! Thank you so much!

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