Project Task Rollup Report Template Question


I was using the Smartsheet Template for Project Tracking and Rollup, and one of the reports in that set is called the Task Rollup Report. I was trying to replicate it for another Project Plan I was using (not as a part of this template set) and can't figure out how it's getting the fields that are in the drop down for Status. Like the project plan does not have an individual "On Hold" or "Complete" Column, and yet it's an option as a column choice when setting up the report. This isn't the case for my other project.

Project Plan Status:

And here's a screenshot of my choices when I try to set up a similar project report for another plan:

Can anyone please help?

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    JIDEATTURRA ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    It looks like it is a Sheet Summary Report, which means the other sheet has the sheet summary set up to count the status column - hence you can see it in the report.

    Go to the other sheet and select the summary icon on the right toolbar to see it;