Can you hide the toolbar on a sheet embedded in a dashboard?



I have a dashboard that has a sheet embedded on it. I'm aiming to make it accessible to anyone with the link to it. There is one cell on the sheet that can be changed from a dropdown column and this will update all of the data on the sheet.

I'd love to hide the toolbar and icons along the side so there is no apparent options to edit things. Is this a possibility?

Thank you!


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Meredith Rhodes,

    You can't hide the toolbar but you could use conditional formatting to ensure nothing gets modified formatting wise.

    If you really want, you could use a form for people to submit their desired change and reference the most recent value from that Sheet in whatever field they are selecting from. When they submit the form, have it route to a read only published Sheet.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Meredith Rhodes

    Thanks for the idea, @Dan Palenchar.

    I like the instantaneous change that enabling edit access of the one cell offers. Maybe I'll recommend this as an option.