Sum cost in row based on current date

ShannonL ✭✭✭
edited 07/02/24 in Formulas and Functions

I have a sheet that contains costs for various projects spread out across multiple quarters for 2 years. I'm trying to find a formula that will calculate [Billed to Date] in each row based on the current date. See attached example sheet.

Essentially the cells in the [Billed to Date] column will update automatically each quarter to sum the cost in the quarters prior to the current date. For example, based on todays date of July 2, 2024, [Billed to date] would show a number that's the sum of costs in [24Q1] and [24Q2] for each row. I added text dates in Row 1 just to clarify what ending date each column represents on the calendar.

The issue I see is that the columns 24Q1, 24Q2, 24Q3, etc… cannot be date formatted because they contain number values. I would also need to account for summing costs across multiple years not, just a single year.

Any suggestions on formulas or helper columns to achieve this is appreciated. Thanks.


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