Trying to Understand Where I'm hitting Workflow Limitations


We have 27 users that need to interact with a sheet via Update Requests. There are 2 columns the Sheet Owner will use to multi-select any number of users for each and trigger these requests: "Approval Required" and "Review Required". There are 27 additional columns for each user's name that records their response.

I have set up 2 separate workflows for users who are designated in "Approval Required" or "Review Required" (and we want to implement 1 more to automate reminder notices).

Any user designated in one of these existing fields receives their own individual Update Request to read comments and update only (1) field (5 drop-down options) that corresponds to their name Column.

I received the below error after getting the "Approval Required" workflow about 98% completed.

There is a trigger (When "Approvals Required" changes) and 27 condition paths, each that are identical to the below.

"Each workflow can have up to 100 blocks. This includes the trigger, condition, and action blocks."
So I am counting 27 (condition paths) + 27 (action: update request) + 27 (action: update cell) + Trigger = 82 for this workflow.

Am I hitting limitations due to the Action Blocks???

As mentioned, I had intended to replicate this workflow for "Review Required" and reminder update requests.


  • Kerry St. Thomas
    Kerry St. Thomas ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there a reason why you can't change the notification to send a notification to the contents of the Approvals Required cell, and then "anonymize" the column "A_Hall" to be something along the lines of "Primary Approval" "Secondary Approval" and so on for different iterations of your process? I ask because while I'm not certain if your condition branches are specifically causing the max number of approvals, this isn't going to be scalable - what happens if #3 in your condition path leaves your company? You can't just delete that one path; you risk deleting EVERYTHING after that path too.

    If the structure of what you're doing absolutely requires that you keep that many branches, you may want to consider at least do the update request based on the contents of the Approvals Required cell and then put the condietion branch AFTER that… that will at least cut how many things are duplicated.

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