How to tag specific people in slack with Request Update Workflow


One of my project managers is managing a very large cross functional project with 8 Product Managers owning different workstreams. We'd like to use automated workflow request update capability to request updates weekly for any tasks past due that do not have a status of complete or out of scope. This part we've been able to do. But we are a heavy slack culture, not email. We've been able to integrate JIRA and helpdesk with Slack and have been able to integrate Smartsheets alerts with Slack but have been unable to Request Updates in our project slack channel tagging the specific people assigned in slack. We also want to ensure they can make the update via Slack vs having to log into Smartsheets.

It does not appear that Request Update has the option to Send to Slack the way Alerts do. I've included the slack channel email in the Send to Specific People for Requesting Update but that just linked the email in slack and did not tag the specific people and still required them to log into Smartsheets to update.

Has anyone been able to successfully tag task owners via Request an update in Slack and enable them to update via Slack?