Linking sheets or syncing data to create a relational database

Mary A
Mary A ✭✭
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Hi - I have a sheet with a "master" list of team members that new rows are added often. I would like to take a subset of rows from that list and have a separate list to keep track of project-specific information. Is there a way that the "subset" list can automatically be populated when new rows are added? Similar to a linked database. I believe this post comes close:

But I do not understand how to link or sync the sheets and set this up.


  • dojones
    dojones ✭✭✭✭

    I'm not certain what you are trying to do. Suggestions:

    1. Study the Project Management Office template as it contains similarities to what you are asking for.
    2. Post sample data of your Master List and Project Specific List so I can better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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