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Hi, Can someone help me create a formula on my metric sheet. I have two columns i want to include from my sheet one Titled "Project Status" which has drop downs for Where the project is at eg Budget, Won, Lost, the other column is Titled "Total" which has the price of project. What im trying to do is create a formula on the metric sheet to use on my dashboard to show a chart where i can get the totals for each Budget, Won, Lost ect. Can't seem to figure it out.


  • rhj09
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    Hi there,

    To show totals for each project status on your dashboard:

    1. Create a Summary Table: List each status (e.g., Budget, Won, Lost) in one column.
    2. Use SUMIF Formula: In the next column, use =SUMIF([Project Status Column], "Status", [Total Column]) for each status.
    3. Chart on Dashboard: Use these totals to create a chart on your dashboard.


    1. For "Budget": =SUMIF(Sheet1!A:A, "Budget", Sheet1!B:B)
    2. For "Won": =SUMIF(Sheet1!A:A, "Won", Sheet1!B:B)
    3. For "Lost": =SUMIF(Sheet1!A:A, "Lost", Sheet1!B:B)

    Hope this helps!



  • dojones
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    Place a Project Status on your metric sheet. Underneath, on rows, put Budget, Won, Lost like below.

    In Total rows, use formula. In this formula the Project

    =CountIF({Your Reference Sheet Project Status}, $Label13)

  • ESN

    Thank you this worked

    =SUMIF(Sheet1!A:A, "Budget", Sheet1!B:B)

    what if i wanted to combine two titles Budget and Tender