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Improve Functionality of Report Filters


I'd like to see report filters improve. I've included a post from another user that was submitted a few years ago.

Ideally, the report filter would allow for @row references. The use case that triggered this need for my company was the "between" function for a date field. I want to see any projects that are between two dates on my sheet. I'd like the "start date" to be one column, and the "end date" to be the second column. To use the filters as it is currently designed, I have to add a helper column to my sheet to compare the values, and then add that as my report filter.

While we can usually accomplish what we want by adding helper columns, it's not always the easiest/simplest process. I need to create 10 reports comparing 10 different date fields, which means adding 10 helper columns to my sheet.

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