Multi-sheet Compilation


I use a large excel sheet that has 9 tabs (screenshot below).

I have created a smartsheet grid named "BIA All Data" (Excel version attached). All of the column names begin with a prefix that matches fields on one of the tabs. Rather than sending this excel sheet to individuals and asking them to fill in the tabs and then transcribing this data into Smartsheet, I am trying to find an easier option.

Is there a way to send a link to Smartsheet grids that can look like the original excel sheet (screenshot below) and once an individual has filled in the data, it will auto-import into "BIA All Data"? I cannot figure out how to create a grid and data shuttle combo that would allow this and a form does not work since it will not allow me to put rows in that are specific examples (quality - primary, secondary, etc.).

Any recommendations for this project are greatly appreciated.


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