Setup Daily Resource View


I'm new to Smartsheet and migrated from MS Project in which I am also a novice user.

Have everything setup in Smartsheet the way it was in MS Project so good there, however we are missing a key view for scheduling. We need to have the ability to view all our resources (employees, temp workers, etc.) on a day-to-day calendar. Our goal is to easily identify if anyone has a gap in their work schedule. Currently, a custom-made Excel spreadsheet is the best view for this.

We have 5 superintendents running projects. Those superintendents have anywhere from 3 to 10 people working under them. When at a customer facility, they can be working on one project for a long duration or jumping from one small project to the next.

The crew under the superintendents can change weekly, depending on the size of the current projects and what phase we are in. One person could be on a jobsite for two weeks and on another crew after that for 2 months.

I need a way to easily look at everyone's schedule and see any gaps. None of the four views in Smartsheet does this well in my opinion. Could not find any views in MS Project that I liked either. Our Excel sheet is simple and gives us this but is bad at the things Project and Smartsheet are good at.

Is there a way to setup a Dashboard or some other type of view to see this? What about Smartsheet Resource Viewer?