Capture Last Modified Before It's Modified Again


Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to capture the last modified by and last modified date at a specific time (trigger) before it's modified again by something else.

Currently, I have a main sheet and a "helper" sheet.

On the main sheet, where all the action happens, when someone selects "Approved", I have a formula-ed column that will capture the current last modified information to get their email address, date and time they approved. But because the last modified information will change each time an action happens on that row, I've setup a workflow to copy the row to the "helper" sheet to capture the last modified information before it changes when someone else approves.

Unfortunately, when it copies it over, showing this: " - 07/09/24 10:40 AM" instead of something like this: " - 06/13/24 8:02 AM". My assumption is because of the workflow copying it to the helper sheet, that is the last modified action.

Is there a way for me to capture the last modified information prior to it changing due to another action?


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