Can Anyone Help on COUNTIFS Formula with Dates?


I have a calculation sheet with the formula =COUNTIFS({Sent to AIR-360}, >[FY Start Date]@row, {SR Type}, ="NTSB", {Sent to AIR-360}, >{AIR-360 Due Date}). The formula is to count dates greater than FY START DATE (Date Column), that equal NTSB (Dropdown text column) and Sent to AIR-360 dates that are greater than the AIR-360 Due Date. The purpose is to count the number of late responses for a given fiscal year. The above formula returns 0 regardless of criteria order.

I have isolated that the issues is with "{Sent to AIR-360}, >{AIR-360 Due Date} part of the formula. These are both date columns in another sheet. When I remove them, the formula returns a result. When I remove all other criteria from the formula, it returns 0. Since the AIR-360 Due Date column has some null values, I add dates, but still get 0 as a result.

Anyone have on what I am missing here? Thank you for your help.



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