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[SmartSheet-Jira] Few basic workflow queries


Hey Guys,

I started to use the JIRA connector for Smartsheet and run into some basic issues while creating the workflow.

Idea here is I want to create the Jira tickets (Epic, Story, Sub-tasks, Bugs) from Smartsheet but need 2-way sync to keep updated everything on both the places.

Query 1: during the workflow setup, I added all the relevant fields required to map Jira into Smartsheet but when I am about to save me the workflow, its says approx 2000 issues in my jira project will be updated. Please note at this moment I have only 2 rows in my smartsheet which is linked to JIRA (Test Story & Test Sub-task). So, this activity looks odd hence dont want to take the risk and save the workflow as I am not sure what issues/fields will be updated in JIRA. At this moment it also trying to import all the issues from my JIRA project to Smartsheet. I dont want to import any issue from JIRA at this moment so how I can skip this step?

Query 2: If I start with a blank JIRA project and configured the workflow same as above then I am able to create the Story but no success in creating Epic or Sub-task underneath. For e.g. If I want to create a Test Epic -> Test Story -> Test Sub-task. It throws errors as below:

For Epic: statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Bad Request Epic Name is required. Here I want the Task Name as the Epic Name. I dont want to keep 2 separate column for Epic Name and Epic Link. It should be Issue Type="Epic" and Epic Name/Epic Link="Task Name"

For Sub-task: Its indented to a Story and the Issue Type column is defined with the value as "Sub-task" but I am getting the sync-error as Invalid issue type. Also, I tried with multiple issue type hoping it to work for e.g. Subtask, sub-task etc smiley.

Thanks in advance.



  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee


    Query 1:  The Update Summary section of the Save page of the workflow set up indicates that "up to X number of rows/issues will be updated".  This indicates how many possible issues would be included in the workflow sync, not how many issues will actually be updated with new data.

    To avoid having information sync from JIRA to Smartsheet you can create a JIRA filter or set all fields to one-way sync from Smartsheet to JIRA.

    Query 2:  When creating an Epic, the Epic Name field must be present because it is a required field on the JIRA create screen.  For the invalid issue type error, I recommend double checking your project settings to ensure that the Sub-Task issue type is allowed.

    The JIRA connector does not honor hierarchy created manually in Smartsheet. The hierarchy must be defined by the connector and if hierarchy must be changed, the relevant data must be changed.

    Subsequently, it is not possible to create a sub-task in Smartsheet because the sub-task must be placed under a parent task (in JIRA). 


    See this help article for more information: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476121-jira-workflows

    If issues persist after this, you can open a support ticket here: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact

    When opening your ticket, please provide the Workflow Execution File:

    1. In the JIRA Connector dashboard, select the timestamp under the Last Run column of your workflow. This will bring you to the workflow run history where you can see any error messages for each run.
    2. Select the timestamp under Last Run for the latest run of the workflow.
    3. On following page, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left) and choose Download Workflow Execution Support Info.
    4. Attach the file to a reply to your submission and we will review it as soon as possible.
  • Manmohan.Anand

    Thanks Schiff for your quick comment. 

    For the Sub-task invalid issue type, I checked my JIRA project setting and I confirm that Sub-task issue type is allowed.

    What I am doing here is creating 2 sub tasks under 1 story. But its still giving issue type required error. I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. 

    Additionally, do you have any tutorial to handle the hierarchies in the connector? I am mainly looking for Epic->Story->Sub-task hierarchy.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.22.28 PM.png

  • Manmohan.Anand

    anyone else has faced similar issue?

  • Ramzi Khuri
    Ramzi Khuri ✭✭
    edited 10/05/18

    I'm having the same exact issue. Apparently it has never been resolved. Can't find any other threads with same problem and a resolution.

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