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Automated linking of added rows



I seem to have a major problem here and hope for you expert advice. 

My situation is as follows: 

1. Team A and team B work collaboratively in Masterfile on first phase of the project with over 200 rows from all countries. 

2. Team A also works with the other 7 country teams on a second phase of the project.

3. All teams cannot work together in the Masterfile as it has sensitive information.

4. Team A needs to see a comprehensive overview on each records taking information from the Masterfile and the country file. 

I would link the core cells from the Masterfile to 7 country files but the problem is that team A might be adding new rows into Masterfile and linking doesn´t work automatically so those rows won´t appear in the country files for country teams to pick them up and continue phase two.

At the same time I am not convinced of having these rows linked via creating the Report as it will mean that I need to create 7 country reports and information from these country reports needs to feed the Masterfile too and it will be a big puzzle to solve in case something will go wrong.. 

What are your thoughts? Is there any turnaround for this case? 

Thanks in advance.


  • We had a similar situation to yours, Olga.


    Ultimately, we had to concede by adding those different teams to the main sheet. If there is any data which is uncompromisable in its sensitivity, we would hide the column as the sheet admin.

    My suggestion for your situation is to look at the issue backward. Instead of trying to disect the Masterfile for the 7 country teams, you can create the 7 country files, and convert the Masterfile into a report which pulls from these multiple sheets instead. That way when rows are added to the separate teams files, it updates the Masterfile, which would just require you to be shared to each file. 

    It also allows them to manage their own sheets, with your oversight. The Masterfile just becomes for reference.

  • Olga Ruparelia

    Dear Christopher, 

    thank you for the input however it doesnt solve the issue as there is also team B who works in the Masterfile. First of all team B works on the columns which would need to be hidden. Secondly, as far as I'm investigating Reports for half a day already it is not possible to add other columns except those in the sheets I report on.. so the reports cannot serve for the Masterfile here.. 

  • That would definitely take reporting out of it, unfortunately. I'll continue to let my mind run on it, but I hope you find a solution regardless, and soon.


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    This may be solvable with AppSheet.

    Contact Richard at SBP (richardr@smarterbusinessprocesses.com) for more info.



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