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Notification when new State is added to list - unique list

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I need to create a notification when we have an order shipped to a State we have not shipped that product to in the past.  

The client's State is automatically added to the sheet from a workflow, and I need to get notified when ever we have a new State added to the list.

I think one way to do is this is to create a new formula that triggers the alert when new data is added.  Is there a formula that will identify a "unique" State and add the State name to the column?

Or is there an easier way to create this notification?



  • Hello,

    There currently isn't a way to create a notification rule based on unique submissions. When you have a moment, please submit a product enhancement request using the form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

    As a potential workaround, you can add a checkbox column to your sheet and place a formula in it that checks to see if the count of a state is 1, then check the box. 

    For example: =IF(COUNTIF(States:States, States1) = 1, 1)

    Drag-fill this formula down the checkbox column, then create a notification rule that will send you a notification if the box is checked.


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