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Formula help

09/29/17 Edited 12/09/19

I'm looking to write a formula that looks at cell A1 and if it contains "Sent" within the text of the cell, it grabs the number in cell B1 and writes it in C1.



Cell A1 = "Sent w Statement"

Cell B1 = $100.00

I need C1 to populate $100.00 because A1 has the word Sent within the text

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  What works in Excel doesn't work on Smartsheet, in this case.

Thank you!


  • Hi!

    This should do the trick.  Put this formula in C1.

    =IF(OR(FIND("Sent", [A1]1) > 0, FIND("sent", [A1]1) > 0), [B1]1, "")

    Good Luck



  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor

    I believe he is using row/column notation -- so A is the column name, not A1

    =IF(OR(FIND("Sent", A1) > 0, FIND("sent", B1) > 0), B1, "")

    should be the correct formula, if my assumption is correct.


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