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Formula to ammend task descriptions in a project

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I hope I can describe this...

I work for a video production company and I create individual projects for each video project we have going.  There are general task descriptions I use in the Primary column and I would like to have the actual Client Name -actual Project Name follow at the end of every Task description.  Is there a way to imbed a formula into my text so that it will show the task description and then grab the specific Client Name-Project name and add that to the same line.

For example if the Task name is "Create Smooth Draft for Main Video" I would want the cell to automatically say "Create Smooth Draft for Main Video - Client Name - Project Name"

Thanks for any advice you can offer!




  • Erin Mallory

    Hi Stacey,

    We do something very similar to this and it's quite simple if you include the "Client Name - Project Name" somewhere on your sheet (we use a header on each sheet for this kind of info).

    Say you put "Client Name - Project Name" in the first row of your "Task Name" column, then in the "Task Name" cell with "Create Smooth Draft for Main Video", type the following into the cell:

    ="Create Smooth Draft for Main Video " + Task Name1

    This will pull the content from the cell Task Name 1 (column Task Name, row 1) and add it to the end of whatever other content you have for that Task Name. Do the same for all the other cells in that column, just changing the Task Name in the quotation marks. And then if you ever change the client name or project name, just update cell Task Name 1 and all your other Task Names will automatically update.

    I hope this helps.

  • SPF23

    Thank you Erin!  That is a perfect solution!

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    To reference the first row of the [Task Name] column, always, use $ for absolute references:

    =[Task Name]$1

    If you copy this formula anywhere in the Sheet, it will point to the first row. The column may change if you have copied the formula left or right in the sheet. To get around that, change it to

    =$[Task Name]$1

    I hope this helps.




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