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How to collect comments from individual sheets, cell-link to a master sheet (eventually Sights)

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Hello everyone, 

For my dashboard (Sights), I show status updates from individual projects. There are multiple updates columns per project I have to pick up. For now, I added extra rows on top of project, and people fill in updates there. Then I cell-link those columns to a master sheet (and create a report for dashboard).

Having updates in a project sheet itself makes messy since I had to add several additional rows to all project sheets. But in this way, people need to deal with only one sheet.

Alternatively, I could create a dedicated sheet and have my guys update their updates there.  But this makes people update 2 different sheet, and for me, I have to cell-link a lot to the master sheet from different sheets. 

Perhaps other ways to do better. Please let me know your thoughts, how you have done if you have done! 




  • Pam Alakai
    Pam Alakai Employee


    I would recommend creating a separate column called Updates in the project. Then have collaborators insert their updates in that specific column. You can then proceed and link that Update Column to your master sheet. The advantage of creating a separate update column is that you can hide that column once updates are inserted so it does not make your sheet look messy. 

    You can also send Update Requests on a recurring basis to collaborators. They will then receive a form that they can input their updates in and those updates will automatically be inserted in the updates column and will be linked to the master sheet. You can learn how to send update requests here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504779-using-update-requests



    SmartSheet Technical Support 

  • ysuzuki

    Pam, thank you for advice (hope you get this - I cannot click to "reply" to your message due to the browser issue). 

    A few questions - When you say "hide a column after update is inserted," is there any way to hide the column automatically?  Also for notification, how do you send notifications regularly, say once a week, regardless changes are made or not?

    Thanks again!


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