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Can you share sheets with non Smartsheet users?

Sam S
Sam S
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I am working with a consultant who does not want to create a Smartsheet account. Is there any way to share a sheet with someone and allow them edit the sheet without forcing them to create a Smartsheet account?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi SamS! You can publish sheets which allows the sheet owner or collaborator with admin access to grant access to a sheet through a public URL or to embed the sheet on a website. Anyone who has the sheet URL can access the sheet without having to log into Smartsheet.  


    To publish a sheet, select the Publish button at the bottom of the sheet. There are three options, Read Only - HTML, Read Only - Full, and Edit by Anyone. 


    Read Only - HTML is a lightweight version of the sheet without row attachments or discussions

    Read Only - Full is a rich version of the sheet with the ability to download row attachments and view discussions

    Edit by Anyone is a rich version of the sheet with the ability to edit cells and manage row attachments and discussions


    Try playing around with the different options to see which one may work best for you. After you turn on one of the options, you will see the sheet URL and an iFrame code to embed the sheet. 

  • Thank you Travis!

  • Travis,

    I am trying to get this embed code functionality working.  I copy the code and paste it into the html of my Google Site page but nothing displays after I save the change and refresh the page.


    Is there something special about Google Sites that prevents embedded smartsheet from displaying?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Tom, make sure you are pasting it into the HTML editor and not the standard text box. When editing your page, press the  <HTML> Edit HTML Source button, then paste the iFrame code

  • Travis,

    I was doing that but Allison set me straight on a support ticket.  Google sites uses SSL.  So you have to select the ssl check box when you are getting a link so that the code includes https rather than just http.  That solved the problem.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks for following up with your solution, Tom!

  • thanks for this thread - I was wondering if it is possible to make users login with their password when a sheet is shared on a 3rd party website - we want to be able to track which users edit the sheet - but it appears that when the sheet is embedded on a site - it is "open" for everyone - 

    thank you - let me know!


  • Hi, 

    Thanks for this thread. Would this feature help me share a form with non-users? My department uses smarthsheet but we want to deploy a form to the entire organization withouth asking them all to get an account. 

    Will this do the trick?




  • Hi Travis,

    Was facing the same challenge and now I am able to share sheets with required team members who need to update their To do list only. can you please confirm whether this ability for non users to edit would expire in 30 days or still applicable? 

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi Jose,

    I am wondering if you were able to do the trick. I need to do the same in the organization.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.


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