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Auto pre-populate a web form

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Good day,

I would like to pre-populate a smartsheet form with values in certain columns.  I see that you can auto populate a section of the form by manually entering (post-URL):  &ColumnName=text.  However, I want to avoid having to create each URL by hand, this will take forever.  Is there a way to automatically generate the URL from values in certain columns?


  • Hello,

    You might try concatenating your fragmented URL in one column in a sheet. You can then email rows out that will contain the final link.

    Concatenating is performed by using a formula that adds text values from cells together. If you had one "Complete URL" column and other columns for the fragments, you can add all of those values together in the Complete URL column. An example of concatenating a URL is below:

    ="https://www.smartsheet.com/" + [Column A]1 + [Column B]1

    Assume the example columns contain other text values that will build a narrower URL path.

  • Maybe, but the form idea is a good one. But to make it really useful it needs the ability to EASILY prefill form data with data from the sheet.

    If there is a bug tracking system, as one of your templates shows, we need to be able to select the bug issue, after submittal, and have the engineers complete other sections of the form as they resolve, verify and close the issue.


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