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Editing Alerts & Notifications - how do I get rules to fire on existing entries

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi All, 

Basically I want to know how I can re-fire alerts and notifications that failed due to errors and have been subsequently edited. Example described below

We are testing a new smartsheet using alerts and notifications and a multi step approval process based on thresholds.

We submitted multiple Smartsheet forms today to test the rules. Rows had been through two levels of approval requests and then I realised there was a typo on one of the drop down list options for one field on the sheet and edited it. Subsequently that meant the next approval didn't trigger.

I have gone in and edited the rule to add the option of the new edited value in the filter on the approval request but that hasn't restarted the triggering of the request to the next approver.





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