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Autoupdate Formulas based on user entry

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Hello!  this is my first post and I would appreciate help.


I want to setup a cell (call it "Cell1") on a row that is empty until a different cell ("Cell2") is clicked with a checkmark; upon Cell2 receiving the checkmark, I want Cell1 to autoupdate with the present date.  Is that possible?







  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hello CVM! I would be happy to help Laughing


    This can be done but it is likely not exactly what you are looking for. The following formula will show todays date if the corresponding checkbox is checked (Cell1/this formula needs to be a Date column):


    =IF(Cell2 = 1, TODAY())


    While this will show todays date, it will always show 'todays' date. This means tomorrow it will update to the current "today". There isnt a way to have it show the date the checkbox was checked, and then not change but there are a couple other options.


    You could view the history of a cell by right clicking in the cell and selecting View History. This will show you all the changes that were made in your sheet, who made the changes and the date/time the change was made. This can tell you when the checkbox was checked.


    If checking the box is the last item to change in the row, you could add the Modified (Date) System column to your sheet which will show a timestamp of the last time the row was edited. 

  • Hey there Travis. Thanks for responding and the detailed response.  Seems like that would be a good feature.


    thanks and take care!



  • Hi Travis,


    Any progress on the timestamp feature?  I can't find the enhancement request to vote on it and would like to raise this in priority if possible.







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