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IF statements


So I have this formula for the 'Assigned to' column:

=IF([Updated by]1 = "jillian@email.com", "alex@email.com", "mark@email.com")

where if someone updates and saves a row, if the email of the person who updated matches the one in the IF, it will assign to the first employee, otherwise it's assigned to a different employee. It works as is, but I want to use OR to have it accept multiple users updating it. In other words, if jen@email.com, jillian@email.com, or david@email.com updates the column, it will assign to alex@email.com. Otherwise, anyone else that saves it will assign to mark@email.com.

I tried a few variations of IF(...) OR (...), etc. Can't seem to get the syntax right for it to parse.

Any ideas?



  • jello

    Just kidding. Resolved myself. 

    =IF(OR([Updated by]1 = "jillian@email.com", [Updated by]1 = "jen@email.com"), "Employee 1", "Employee 2")

    Was putting the OR in the wrong place.

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