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Link to cells in a different sheet

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Hi SC,

I need to link cells across two different sheets and I am looking for a way to avoid having to create the link one by one. The  cells to be linked are located in adjacent columns so ideally, I would just need to create the first link for the first column and then drag the formula through all the columns.

I tried it, but when I drag the formula, Smartsheet copies the value, not the formula with the link.

Thanks in advance for your help 


  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee



    For creating multiple cell links at one time, you have a couple of options:

    1. When creating inbound cell links can link multiple cells at once by shift-clicking the start and end of a range or by ctrl-clicking multiple cells.  This works best when you have a contiguous horizontal range of cells in a source sheet that will be linked to a contiguous horizontal range of cells in the destination sheet. 


    For more information, see this article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/861579-cell-linking#create


    2. If this is an action you need to take frequently or based on a lookup table, our DataMesh premium app may be a good solution for you.  DataMesh allows you to automatically copy or cell link in data based on lookup values. For more information, contact our sales team here: www.smartsheet.com/contact

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