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Scheduling update requests

Brent S.
Brent S.
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi everyone,

 I need to be able to schedule update requests in 15 minute intervals, possibly can stretch that to 30 minute intervals. However, when I am scheduling future delivery my only options are "on the hour". This will not allow me to get real-time updates if an assigned task only takes 25 minutes to complete. Is there anyway around this?


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Brent,

    An hour is the smallest interval for sending an update request at this time. When you have a moment, please submit a Product Enhancement Request using the form under Quick links on the right of the community site and let our Product team know you'd like to see shorter intervals.

    One workaround you might consider is to add a System Date (Modified) column in your sheet. (More on System columns in the help center.) This will allow you to see when the last update was made.

    Although there would still be some manual effort on your part, you might consider creating an additional checkbox column in your sheet and an automated update request rule that will send an update request when the box is checked. You can then review any rows that haven't updated in 25 minutes and check the box to send a new update request more quickly. More on automated update requests here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504779-using-update-requests

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