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All - 

I am trying to find an easy way to "roll up" detail we track in a calendar view to show a summary view of the data. We are tracking deliverable assets for a marketing organization, which are organized by Target (Release XYZ) and Category (Buyers Journey Stage X). Other attributes include due date, owner, team, business unit, etc.

Creating the calendar to show the due date of the individual assets then supplying filters on that data to limit to specific releases, owners, etc. is pretty trivial. However, now I want to create a view that summarizes what shows up on a particular day like:

1. If there is ANY asset due on March 1, indicate that with a single item on that day. Clicking through on that item should take me to the various rows that were 'rolled up' for that day, across the various Targets and Categories.

2. If anything is due for Target XYZ on March 1, show a single item on that day, then clicking through on it should take me to the rows for all items for Target XYZ on that day (across Categories and Asset types).

I am a SmartSheet newbie, and have started to look at linked cells, and I'm assuming this is more of a data modeling exercise but not quite sure the best way to approach tackling this given the features SmartSheet supports. 

Suggestions greatly appreciated!




  • Hi Tad,

    You might try creating a rollup report and displaying that in calendar view. More on reporting is available in our help center:

    We also wrote a blog on creating a master calendar in 7 steps which you can read about here:

  • Thanks, I will look at both suggestions!


  • Shaine - 

    I looked at both resources you mentioned, and I understand the approach. I think the issue I am facing isn't so much about the rollup itself, it is more about the best practice(s) around managing large numbers of people performing updates.

    For example, back to my calendar view question - we have probably 50-75 people actively engaged in doing Create/Update/Delete operations on marketing assets that we want to track, for purposes of ensuring they are completed on time. This could easily equate over time to hundreds (less than 5000) rows of information.

    We want at least two views of this data - the first is a calendar view at the individual level. The second is a at a hierarchy level (teams, business units, etc.).

    To manage this here is what I initially thought of:

    1. Create a single sheet that is the 'RAW Data' capture that everyone has access to. Create a filter for each individual so they can use that and only see their own stuff and not get bogged down with hundreds of other rows that don't relate to them. Individuals enter their own assets they are working on, due date of it, team they are on, etc. etc. - all data needed to track the specific asset, as well as what is needed to "roll it up".

    2. To do the rollup, I can use cell linking from that detail into a separate sheet that has limited write access. However, I believe this means that either every individual has to be able to initiate the link up, or some individual has to be notified any time a detail row in RAW DATA is added so they can link it appropriately.

    I can also do the rollup using reports and presenting a calendar view, but again these don't auto-refresh when people add rows at the detail level, correct? Or do they?

    I'm really trying to avoid having to go through extra hoops to make changes at the rollup level when the detail changes (adds, edits, deletes).

    Any further thoughts?