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Cell Linking and Circular References

Kelly Hinton
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have created one parent sheet with multiple columns of information that I have copied into more limited child sheets.  I've linked in all of the information in the child sheets from the parent sheet, so when the parent sheet is updated, the child sheets update with the related information.  I do however want to give users of the different child sheets the ability to update information in their sheet, and be able to see this updated information reflected in the parent sheet via a circular reference.  


At present, whenever I try to have the child sheets' cells link both information in from and out to the parent sheet, I receive an error stating that I'm not able to have a circular reference.  Is there any way around this?





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Kelly, thanks for the question! When using cell linking, only the source cells are editable - the destination cells are read only. If you want users to have the ability to edit the data, they will need access to the source sheet where they can make their changes to the cells.

  • David Sinclair
    edited 05/07/19


    I would love to have the ability to have the destination cells be editable. Has anyone else voiced a desire for this? Is it something this is currently on the Smartsheet roadmap to be updated? Thank you!

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