Conditional Merge for Google Docs

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hey everyone, just trying to figure out if there's any way to use conditional statements with merge for Google Docs? I can see that someone has asked this question way back in 2015.

I've tried to get around it by using conditional statements in my Smartsheets, however I've run into formatting issues.

E.g. I want a paragraph of text and bullet points to show in a Google Doc if a certain cell has a certain value in the sheet. So I've used an IF statement for this purpose, however, the text is all treated as one continuous string with no carriage returns.

Any ideas?



  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I think you will struggle to do what you describe how you are running the workflow. However if you turn it on it's head and have a range of Google templates which are laid out just how you wish  and then populate the merge cells from Smartsheet depending on how choices are made, you may do better? 

    Happy to discuss if you wish I can arrange a free initial video con? 

    Regards and hope that helps?