Creating a Task when a new row is created?

01/29/18 Edited 12/09/19


I have a shared SmartSheet for tracking projects.  When a new project is added to the project tracking sheet (a new row) I'd like the sheet assign a task to create the project in our project time tracking application.  

Is there some way to program blank rows to trigger a task when information is added to the blank row in order to make this work?  Or any other suggestions?




  • Hi Terry,

    It sounds like you're wanting to integrate Smartsheet with another application of some kind.

    I don't know what time tracking application you're using, but you might check out Zapier ( to see if you can create a "zap" that automatically performs this task for you. 

    Otherwise, if you have development resources available to you, you might consider creating an integration with our API:

  • Thanks Shaine.  What I was trying to do is set up reminders on blank rows, however it appears that can not be done.  we are looking at APIs to try and integrate directly.

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