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excel import - resource management

Ken Kelley
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I am trying to import an excel file that has tasks, start/end dates, assigned resources.

The excel sheet (sourced from a ticketing system) will be sent to me periodically and will need to be refreshed into smarteheets.


Objective: to show where and what the resources are over allocated.


I have been informed of and followed the steps to enable resource mamanagement however....


when I invoke the "import excel" function it over rides the resource management settings.

what I have done is once the import is complete I re-enabled the resource managemrnt settings  fro the smartsheet just created.  But it does not reflect any "assigned to" resources. I was expecting the smartsheet import routine to match the "excel reosurces to the "All Users" resources. But it does not.


  any assistance you can provide wowuld be appreciated.






  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Ken! When importing an Excel file, a new sheet is created which is why you are having to apply your settings each time. Also, Excel does not have contacts the way Smartsheet does. When importing, Smartsheet will see contacts in the file, as text values (because that is what they are in Excel) and will not be associated with a Smartsheet user. 


    Is there a reason why the user who is sending you the Excel file, isnt using Smartsheet in the first place? It would eliminate the need to email and import an Excel file each week. The user can create a free account which will allow them to be shared to and collaborate on sheets you own or you could publish the sheet which will let the user collaborate on the sheet without ever logging in or needing a Smartsheet account. 

  • Yes,  

       The source of the data is another system(enterprise ticketing system). The simplest way to get the info from one system to the other is via Excel.  


     Thanks for the prompt response. 



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