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Right-away notifications not being emailed

I have setup a separete hidden checkbox column for each member of our team with a notification to send an email to each person when the column with their name is checked. The email is to go out righ away, when their column is changed. However, I have been changing and saving and no email has been sent out...some are receiving it, most aren't, and I am not receiving it for the my column checked.


  • Joel Johnson
    edited 08/12/15

    In my experience the alert function has works really well especially for the "Right Away" option.


    If you have everything setup correctly, you will not be emailed a notification for items you personally change.  It assumes that if you made the change so you know about the change already.


    This would be the same for your team members, if they check thier own box, they will not recieve a notification.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    I think Joel is correct in identifying the issue... you only receive notifications for changes other users make to sheets. You will not get an email for changes you make in a sheet. 

  • Is it also true that changes made on the sheet will not modify alert status? If so, will that hold up follow alerts?

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