Reminders - Single reminder per row same date same recipient

Hello Folks, 

I have a Smartsheet with many rows that have reminders for different tasks.  Some of the rows / tasks are set to send on the same date to the same recipient.  When this occurs all of the tasks are combined onto one reminder email to the recipient meaning one email with many tasks.  I have been asked to look at sending a single reminder per row to the same recipient on the same day. 

Example:  John has 10 rows with 10 different tasks to perform on Feb.12/18.  Currently John will get a single email listing all 10 rows / tasks.  My organization wants John to receive 10 emails with a single row / task per email.   

Is this possible?  Or any suggestions on how to make this work? 




  • Terry -

    It sounds like you've created a "Reminder" E-Mail Notification under the "Alerts & Actions" Tab, is that correct?

    If so, instead of using the "Reminder" option, use the "Notification" option and set up your Alert like the attached photos.

    You'll see on the 3rd photo that you can choose which columns/how often to send these notifications. 

    I hope this answers your question!

    Alerts & Actions - Notification.JPG

    Rule - Alerts & Actions - Notification.JPG

    Occurance - Alerts & Actions - Notification.JPG

  • Thanks Jessica.  It didn't quite give me what I needed.  I needed one notification per row going to the same person on the same date to perform different tasks.  I wasn't able to get the notifications to send that way.


  • Hi, 


    I am looking for something along the same lines as Terry. I see the benefit of grouping the notifications as this reduces the number of emails been sent to someone but is it possible to separate them into 1 email per 1 row added? 


    Leanne Rowland